Những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 2 cần biết

Những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 2 hay còn gọi là linking words, là những từ hoặc cụm từ để nói hai câu hay, hai mệnh đề hay hai đoạn văn với nhau. IELTSMindX giới thiệu với các bạn list những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 2 hữu ích và thông dụng nhất để các bạn sử dụng đa dạng cho mọi bài essays.

Mục lục

Cách học linking words IELTS Writing task 2 hiệu quả

Có nhiều phương pháp giúp bạn ghi nhớ linking words hiệu quả. Nếu bạn đã tìm ra phương pháp phù hợp rồi thì hãy áp dụng, còn nếu bạn chưa biết học IELTS Writing task 2 linking words sao cho hiệu quả thì hãy áp dụng thử những cách dưới đây:

Học những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 2 theo chức năng nhóm

Các bạn hãy chia các từ nối trong Writing task 2 theo nhóm để dễ học và dễ ghi nhớ trong khi học. Hoặc các bạn có thể tham khảo cách phân loại có sẵn ở trên internet. Một vài nhóm từ nối phổ biến như sau: 

  • Đồng tình
  • Bổ sung
  • Tương tự
  • Ví dụ
  • Hỗ trợ
  • Nhấn mạnh
  • Nguyên nhân
  • Hậu quả / kết quả 
  • Đối lập
  • Giới hạn
  • Mâu thuẫn,…

Sau khi đã có list những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 2 rồi, bạn hãy viết ví dụ cho từng từ nối để có thể dễ dàng ghi nhớ, nhớ lâu hơn và hiểu cách dùng của từ nối đó.

Ngoài ra, hãy sử dụng linking words trong văn bản hay khi nói nhiều nhất có thể. Bạn luyện tập và sử dụng chúng càng nhiều thì bạn càng nhớ được lâu.

Tham khảo các bài viết có band điểm cao

Từ nối là một tiêu chí chấm điểm trong IELTS Writing. Do vậy, các bạn nên tham khảo các bài viết có band điểm cao để học tập cách họ sử dụng những từ nối Writing IELTS task 2 linh hoạt và hiệu quả như thế nào. Sau khi tham khảo xong, bạn có thể luyện tập và áp dụng luôn vào bài viết của mình. 

Các bạn có thể học từ lỗi sai của người khác bằng cách so sánh những bài IELTS Writing band điểm thấp. Bạn sẽ nhìn ra các điểm chưa đạt trong việc sử dụng linking words chưa hiệu quả và phù hợp, để tránh bản thân mắc phải những lỗi này.

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Những từ nối trong Writing IELTS task 2 cần biết

những từ nối trong ielts writing task 2

Đưa ra ý kiến:

In my opinionTheo ý kiến của tôiIn my opinion, both the government and citizens of a country should come forward and fight corruption
I thinkTôi nghĩ rằngI think students at the university level should not be forced to attend the class.
In my viewTheo quan điểm của tôiIn my view, mothers have more intimate relationships with their children and that is why they should spend more time with them.
I believeTôi tin rằngThis is undoubtedly a very good solution but I believe, there are better solutions than that.
I admitTôi thừa nhận rằngI admit that we now have a busy life but that does not mean that we should not find time to take part in community programs that are aimed to make our community a better place to live in.


Agree/ Disagree:

I agreeTôi đồng ýI agree with the notion that students should take a year gap for traveling or working before they graduate.
I concurTôi nhất tríI concur with the opinion that specifically supports restricting car ownership as a measure to curb air pollution.
I disagreeTôi không đồng ýI disagree with the viewpoint that women’s leadership ensures world peace.
I cannot agreeTôi không thể đồng ýI cannot agree that increasing the fuel price would be a viable solution to restrict the vehicles on the road.
I oppose the ideaTôi phản đối ý kiếnI oppose the idea that people attend a college or a university only to get a job.
I cannot acceptTôi không thể chấp nhậnI cannot accept the fact that tourism alone is responsible for the loss of native culture and tradition.

Giving Examples: 

To cite an exampleĐưa ra một ví dụTo cite an example, I started learning a second language at my primary school and that did not increase my study pressure at all.
For exampleVí dụFor example, most companies want their employees to enhance their skills so that they can better performance over time.
For instanceVí dụFor instance, many developing countries are trying to improve their GDP through their export activities.
NamelyCụ thể làNamely, Australia and Canada have many charity organizations which work exactly for this cause.
To illustrateĐể minh họaTo illustrate, universities, these days, offer a wide range of subjects than they used to do in the past.
One clear exampleMột ví dụ rõ ràngOne clear example would be my sister who, despite her graduation in mathematics, works as a journalist in a daily newspaper.
In other wordsNói cách khácIn other words, fathers should share these responsibilities and let mothers enjoy some leisure hours. 
To give an example Đưa ra một ví dụTo give an example, modern household appliances and kitchenware have made the cooking process easier and faster.

Listing Points: 

First/ FirstlyĐầu tiên, thứ nhấtFirst, public transportations are cheap and can carry many passengers at a time.
To begin withĐể bắt đầuTo begin with, old people has paid taxes and worked for the country for their whole life.
Second/ SecondlyThứ haiSecond(ly), we do not have to worry about parking, garage, traffic rule violation and fuel cost when we do not own a car.
Third(ly)… Thứ 3Third(ly), smoking does not have a single benefit but a pile of disadvantages.
Fourth(ly)Thứ 4Fourth(ly), the ever-increasing population is a reason for increased house rent, competitive job market and pollution.
LastlyCuối cùngLastly, rail is one of the safest transportation systems that can carry a huge number of passengers at a time.
FinallyCuối cùngFinally, parents spend more time with their children than a teacher does.
Last but not leastCuối cùng nhưng không kém phần quan trọngLast but not least, countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal prove that violence and crime can be at a peak even under the woman leadership.

Reasons and Causes: 

SinceVì Since the developing countries have adopted technology in their agriculture sector, their yearly productions have increased significantly.
BecauseBởi vì Another group of people attends a night school because they work in the daytime.
AsAs mothers mostly stay home, they have a greater responsibility in upbringing children.
Due toDoDue to the widespread corruption in these less developed countries, the fund should be directly handled and utilized by the authority of the developed countries.
Owing toBởi vìThe new factory would have many negative effects and would destroy the serenity of our community owing to its location in the middle of our area.

Adding Information:

Additionally Thêm vào đóAdditionally, computer games are addictive and can waste a large portion of the valuable time of a school-going child.
Moreover: Hơn thế nữaMoreover, young people have better technological knowledge than the older generation.
In addition:Ngoài raIn addition, fast food contains fat, preservative, and other harmful ingredients which are very detrimental to our health.
Furthermore: Hơn nữaFurthermore, helping developing countries in terms of providing education facilities, can strengthen the relationship between two countries.
And: And the negative impacts of establishing a large factory in our community would trigger other adverse consequences which would be hard to tackle in the long run.
Not only… but also:.Không chỉ…mà cònNot only deforestation damages the natural habitats of many species but also is the main reason for global warming
Also: CũngAlso, cities provide better job opportunities and a better living standard.
As well as: Cũng nhưToo much dependency on technological devices as well as the internet would bring catastrophic consequences once something goes wrong.

Từ nối chỉ kết quả, hậu quả: 

As a result: Vì vậyAs a result, lessons learned from our experiences have better effects on our life.
Hence: Vì thếHence, I completely disagree that the factory would be a good place for new jobs for the community people.
So: Bởi vậySo, owning a private car would offer someone the freedom that he usually does not have without it.
Therefore: Bởi vậyTherefore, television is the most popular media for entertainment in most of the countries in the world.
Thus: Cho nênThus, overreliance on technology can bring dreadful events in the upcoming future.
Consequently: Kết quảConsequently, we remember such gifts and revere the good wishes that were conveyed through those gifts.
For this reason: Vì lí do nàyFor this reason, I would like to own a private car than always relying on public transportations.

Từ nối thể hiện thời gian:

Subsequently: Rồi sau đóSubsequently, the increasing population in the city areas are the main reason there are so many unemployed people in these cities.
Eventually: Cuối cùngEventually, the cost of medical health care would increase day by day and mass people would find it hard to get proper medical facilities.
Meanwhile: Trong khi đóMeanwhile, a single international language would reduce the language barrier among the people of different countries to a great extent.
Henceforth:Kể từ bây giờHenceforth, the government should increase its budget and manpower for fighting corruption.
Initially: Trước hếtInitially, it can be supported by the government but in the long run, it should be people who should spontaneously support this cause both verbally and financially.

Từ nối nhấn mạnh, làm nổi bật: 

Especially: Đặc biệtThis step would be advantageous for people, especially for rural people, as it would increase the job opportunities in rural areas.
Clearly: Rõ ràngClearly, this law is a violation of people’s privacy and that is why this law needs amendments.
Obviously: Hiển nhiênObviously, automation in government sectors would reduce corruption to a great extent.
Specifically: Nhất làCorruption in government sectors, specifically in countries like India and Bangladesh, is another hindrance in the overall progress.
Of course: Tất nhiênOf course, the government has a responsibility to support those older people. But that does not mean that children of such senior citizens are free from their own responsibilities towards their aged parents.
In particular: Cụ thể In particular, there is almost no university in such underdeveloped areas and a large number of students, due to this, move to the city areas each year.

Từ nối đối lập:

Despite: Mặc dùDespite its immense benefits, we should be wary of its usages in our daily life.
In spite of: Mặc dùIn spite of remarkable progress in recent years, women are still suffering from social discrimination in many developing countries.
By contrast: Ngược lạiBy contrast, knowledge gained from travelling and from real-life experiences has a greater impact on our future course of actions in life.
Alternatively: Ngoài raAlternatively, the government can impose laws to control the market price of most essential commodities.
Another opinion could be: Một ý kiến khác có thể làAnother option could be restricting the number of children a family can have.
On the other hand: Mặc khácOn the other hand, owning a car is expensive as it requires parking, fuel, servicing, maintaining and yearly renewal costs.
Still: VẫnStill, strictly controlling the number of children a family can have is not a feasible solution.
However: Tuy nhiênHowever, many destitute families rely on the earnings those young children bring to the family.
Although: Mặc dùAlthough implementing this would require a huge sum of money, this, in my opinion, is the most optimal solution.
Even though: Mặc dùEven though their arguments are somewhat convincing to listen to, in reality, the scenario is quite the opposite.
But: NhưngBut, the investment in trade and finance alone does not guarantee a steady growth of the GDP for this country.

Linking words dùng để so sánh: 

In comparisonTrong sự so sánhIn comparison to the past century, people these days do not have a strong family tie.
AdmittedlyThừa nhậnAdmittedly, severe punishments set examples to other people temporarily but it lacks any long-term effect.
Similarly: Tương tựSimilarly, capital punishment is brutal and fails to establish a bridge between social unrest and reformation.
Likewise: Tương tự như vậyLikewise, technological advancement creates new job opportunities both in developing and developed countries.
In the same way: Theo cách tương tựIn the same way, increasing the tax would not be a viable solution to address this issue.

IELTS Writing task 2 linking words dành cho phần Conclusion:

In conclusionKết luậnIn conclusion, we should strictly monitor the type of programs our children watch each day.
To concludeĐể kết thúc To conclude, university admission should be merit-based, not gender-based.
To draw the conclusionĐể kết luậnTo draw the conclusion, this is our world and we have to save it. Uncontrolled use of natural resources would endanger our very existence and that is why we should be much sensible of their usages.
To sum upĐể tóm gọn lạiTo sum up, it is up to us to judge the authenticity of the news. But the journalists also have a professional and moral obligation to present us the truth.

IELTSMindX đã giới thiệu với các bạn những từ nối dùng trong Writing IELTS task 2 cần thiết nhất. Có thể nói đây gần như là tất cả những gì bạn nên học và cần phải có để tăng điểm mạch lạc và gắn kết trong bài IELTS Writing task 2 của mình. Hãy lưu lại bài viết để đọc, bạn chắc chắn sẽ cần đọc lại bài viết này nhiều lần đó.

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